Lovibond 56B006001, Warning Indicative Field Test Kit

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Lovibond, 56B006001, Legionella Early Warning Indicative Field Test Kit, 10 Tests Includes 10 test strips 10 collection bags 10 dispensing pipettes Features Legionella results within 25 minutes (excluding filtration step) Quick results and easy-to-use Different form of kits available for different applications and sensitivity 18 months shelf-life at room temperature The Legionella Field Test uses an immunochromatographic assay to detect the presence of cell surface antigens from Legionella bacteria in a sample

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A ldquo Control Line rdquo is included which always turns red on successful completion of the test

If results with this rapid test indicate the presence of Legionella, then confirmation with a laboratory culture test is essential.

It should not be used as the sole method for assessing the presence of Legionella

The presence of antigen causes the ldquo Test Line rdquo to turn red in color

This rapid test is a very useful addition to periodic laboratory culture tests for Legionella

This test can provide a rapid indication of the presence of Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1, the most commonly recorded cause of Legionnaires Disease